BeyData Librarian -Unified Risk Management System

BeyData Librarian provides an enterprise system that allows organizations to identify, assess, prioritize, remediate, mitigate and monitor risk across the organization. BeyData Librarian is a Business Process Management solution that centralizes and automates Governance, Risk and Compliance Management for Security, Privacy, Corporate, Regulatory and Financial Risk. Whether you are an individual contributor, an auditor, or part of a team supporting an enterprise organization, Librarian’s unique, scalable, hybrid infrastructure provides a framework that allows you to build a Catalog of Assets, Records, Data Flows, Processes and People, inside and outside the organization, to map the flow of data within and between these assets, and to automate the process of risk assessment.





Automate the Calculation of Risk!

BeyData Librarians’ sophisticated Analysis Engine automates and implements standards based or organization specific risk management methodologies. BeyData Librarian provides a framework to scale your program for privacy, security, financial or corporate risk. Build, maintain, scale and document Security Analysis, Cybersecurity threats, ISO certification, Third Party Vendor Risk Assessment, EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) Risk, or any other type of organizational risk. BeyData Librarians’ out of the box Assessment Definitions and fully customizable “drag and drop” building blocks allow your organization to automate traditionally manual and spreadsheet driven processes. 


BeyData Librarian's Assessment Definitions will put you in control

Assessment DefinitionBeyData Librarian allows you to build simple or complex Assessment Definitions. our hierarchical automation process allows organizations to implement branching logic based on the risk of data being processed. BeyData Librarian allows organizations to implement a risk based approach and repeatable and scalable process for documenting, implementing, addressing and auditing risk of data processing activities. BeyData Explorer adds Data discovery capability (Requires BeyData Explorer API License).



Reports and Dashboards

Over 20 Reports and Pilot inspired dashboards, giving unparraled risk situational awareness and a Human Factors Centric design from day one, not bolted on after the design.

Risk Dashboards


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LabsBeyData’s “Community Edition” puts  privacy protection at the forefront with an advanced risk management system available to all companies and consultants for no charge regardless of their size and budget.

The "Community Edition"


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